Things to do other than sit by your phone waiting for a boy to text back

1. Go for a walk. Leave your phone at home.

2. Write letters to five of your greatest friends complete with illustrations and haikus.

3. Paint your body.

4. Invent a new hairstyle.

5. Bake something.

6. Go to the library and learn something new.

7. Start taking a beginners language course online.

8. Research your family tree.

9. Go to the park and pilfer a bouquet of flowers.

10. Go through all of your non-fiction books and read the opening sentence. Decide which is the best.

11. Draw a self portrait.

12. Take a bath.

13. Go to the movies.

14. Text everyone BUT him.

15. Update your CV.

16. Sew on all your missing clothing buttons.

17. Polish your shoes.

18. Clean your bed.

19. Nap.

20. Sit in a cafe and draw odd people passing by.

I’m waiting honey.


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